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Andrea Rosatelli, Musician

Andrea Rosatelli, musician, is the EREBUS Productions documentaries soundtracks author.

He got a diploma in double bass at “Saint Louis” Music School in Rome and in electric bass at the University of the Music of Rome.

Andrea is one of the most established italian professionals and has played, both in studio and on tour, with many, very famous, italian artists such as Gianni Morandi, Patty Pravo, Loredana Bertè, Nek, Michele Zarrillo, Paola Turci, etc. 

In 2007 he played at San Remo Festival with Simone Cristicchi who won those edition.

Andrea collaborated on various tv programs (“Uno Mattina Estate” and “Domenica In” on Rai 1 just to mention a couple) and played several soundtracks with the most important italian conductors as Pippo Caruso, Fio Zanotti, Roberto Pregadio etc.