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Roberto Palozzi, Author and Director

Roberto "Bob" Palozzi is a scientific researcher (zoologist), a documentary producer and a TV author and director. Prior to come to television he had a succesful career in the italian national professional bob team (from which derives the nickname "Bob"). In the same time he achieved his degree in Law followed by the one in Natural Science.

Thanks to his specializations in extreme environments shooting (included those under both the polar caps), Roberto is nowadays a well known documentaries director having worked for the Rai channels ("Geo & Geo" and "TG2 Dossier" are very famous programmes), various satellite tv and for MEDIASET.

  • In 2006 he published a travel photography manual "Taking photos while travelling" (“Cesco Capanna Editore” edition).
  • In 2008, when he established the EREBUS Productions, Roberto was the first italian man in Antarctica underwater shooting at 75° South latitude.
  • Since 2010 he is university teacher (Zoology) in the DAFNE Department at the Tuscia University in Viterbo.
  • Since 2011 Roberto is also author and director of the famous Rete 4 programme "Pianeta Mare".