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A new collaboration with "L'Arca di Noè / Noah's Ark"

  • Thursday, 13 June 2013 10:33

"EREBUS Productions" and Roberto "Bob" Palozzi have started their formal collaboration with "L'Arca di Noè / Noah's Ark", the Sunday column of TG5 dedicated to the animals and their worlds.
Throughout the summer, starting on Sunday 23 June, the most beautiful images of animals shot by EREBUS Productions above and below the seas of all the planet will be aired in a series of episodes that will host, as zoologist/filmaker, Robert "Bob "Palozzi.
In the photo, Maria Luisa Cocozza - TG5 journalist and editor in charge of "L'Arca di Noè / Noah's Ark" - interviews our own Bob.

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