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Deep wedding - the video


ITA - 2013  
by Roberto "Bob" Palozzi  

Fabio Massimo and Francesca, two great lovers of scuba diving, decide to celebrate their love with an underwater wedding. But ,as technical divers, they choose to get married at the depth of 60 meters! And they choose to do it next to the Nasim big wreck, on the seabed of the island of Giannutri, Italy.
An exciting and romantic video produced by Erebus Productions with no business purpose but with the utmost professionalism to celebrate a great undertaking underwater and, above all, Fabio Massimo and Francesca's love.
Long live the newlyweds!

Fabio Massimo Arati - Groom
Francesca Vanin - Bride
Pamela Adami - Bridesmaid
Luca Paoles - Best man
Alessandro Rencelj - Officiator
Laura Pasqui - Photographer
Edoardo Pavia - Technical support, cameraman
Daniele Gualdani - Technical support
Daniele Sebeni - Technical support
Enrico Desideri - surface assistant
Roberto "Bob" Palozzi - Director, Cameraman